Business and Financial Analysis

Services include: Business Plans, Operational Planning and Budgeting, Analysis of P&L Statements and Balance Sheets, Infrastructure Development, Succession Planning, Diversification Strategies, Capacity Planning

Due Diligence, New Business Development, and Business Planning

Services include: Definition of Objectives, Pro Forma Development, Risk Analysis, Model the Impact of the Investment, Identification and Development of Ideal Partnerships, Presentations and Meetings, Negotiations, Contracting, Diversification of Strategies, Facilities Development, Streamline Business Operations, Technology Solutions

Research and Evaluation

Services include: Comprehensive Program Evaluation, Needs Assessment, Current Federal, State, and Regional Regulations Defined, Evaluation of Best Practices, Logic Model Development, Framework and Evaluation Development, Training Design and Execution, Program Assessments to Guide Revision

Public Relations and Marketing

Services include: Branding, Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Media Planning

Information Management Systems

Services include: Data Collection, Data Analyses, Data Synthesis, Reporting

Technical Assistance and Training

Services include: Curriculum Writing, Training, Facilitation, Workshops, Webinars, Job Descriptions, Candidate Interviewing, Professional Development­

Expected Value-Return on Investment (EV-ROI) Assessment

Services include: Cost-Benefit Analysis, EV-ROI (Estimated Value-Return on Investment) Assessment & Implementation, EV-ROI Certification

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