SMART FAITHworks Health and Wellness (SFW) is committed to working in full fidelity to the SMART principles and outcomes, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, problem solving, and adaptability.

Mission: SFW is a nonprofit medical organization dedicated to the delivery of the clinical care and standards of the SMART Model and its mission to reach ALL and address structural barriers to, and gaps in, the health and overall well-being of individuals of all ages. This targeted delivery supports and empowers success in the personal growth and stability of individuals, families, generations, and communities.

The SFW entity also seeks to recruit, hire, train, and develop medical and behavioral health providers and teams who are dedicated to the Model’s purpose and approach. It adheres to a students/patients-first, Whole Child/Whole Person commitment built on the well-documented interconnections between the Whole Person factors of physical and behavioral health, wellness, social and emotional learning, and educational attainment.

Board of Directors

Christopher Conti, MD, President, SMART FAITHworks Health & Wellness

Selma Wilson, Vice President and Secretary, SMART FAITHworks Health & Wellness

Virginia Palhof, Treasurer, SMART FAITHworks Health & Wellness