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The Medical School partners with Central Falls schools to spark early interest in health careers.

LAST FALL, STUDENTS IN CENTRAL FALLS STARTED LEARNING MORE about how good health impacts every aspect of life—and how they can someday become health care professionals.

Calcutt Middle School is now home to a SMART Health and Wellness Clinic and the inaugural site for SMART Plus, an initiative led by The Warren Alpert Medical School that’s designed to spark early interest in health and medicine careers.

Joseph Diaz, MD, MPH, associate dean for diversity and multicultural affairs at the Medical School, says the medical education component is particularly important given Central Falls’ federal designation as having a shortage of health professionals in relation to the population.

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to introduce Central Falls students to a variety of careers in health care and to increase their sense of possibility in terms of what types of professional futures are available to them,” Diaz says. “This opportunity provides students access to ongoing mentorship and conversations about health and health care careers.”

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