Gaye Crowell, RNSMART Senior Practice Manager

    With over 36 years of direct client care within all age groups, Gaye is a dedicated registered nurse and certified case manager. Her nursing experience is diverse, and she holds a special interest in health literacy, which is fundamental to the purpose of SMART®. She has extensive managerial and supervisory experience in clinical services and is an active participant in the Interdisciplinary Care Conference (ICC) process for health services. Through this experience, Gaye created and implemented an ICC-style care conference for medically fragile shift care members. She focuses on ensuring that medically necessary services are readily available to all.

    As SMART® Senior Practice Manager, Gaye’s vision and leadership drive the SMART® Model’s business fundamentals in keeping with SMART®’s Whole Person, Whole Community approach. She coordinates and assists with the implementation of administrative and management functions for our FAITHworks Management Services Organization (MSO) in order to identify, address, and fill the significant gaps in current local health care systems. She monitors and evaluates the operational performance of all SMART® Center and Clinic nursing staff and is diligent with the continual refinement of operational processes, workflow, and activities that directly relate to the utilization trends of SMART®. She provides expertise, consultation, and research regarding state and regional clinical standards, specifically as they relate to RNs, and ensures nursing compliance with contractual, accreditation, and regulatory requirements for operations. In addition, she utilizes SMART®’s Knowledge Management System’s (eTHOS) reports to guide the successful implementation of Active Access and Active Care within all local, regional, and national SMART® Clinics and Centers. Gaye was also instrumental in the piloted outreach to and engagement with CVS Health’s Workforce Innovation and Talent Center’s Pharm Tech cohort members, with great success: 100% were consented and seen, and significant physical and emotional health supports and interventions were provided.

    Gaye studied nursing and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh and graduated from the Community College of Allegheny County.