Jeiny Zapata, (APRN-BC), BS, MSClinical Director

    Jeiny brings over two decades of experience within the various spheres of patient care. Her collaboration with physicians and staff ranges the spectrum of urgent, individualized, school health, and primary care settings.

    Jeiny was integral in opening the Flagship SMART Health and Wellness Centers in Providence, Rhode Island. She and her colleagues navigated unique challenges during the peak of the pandemic and amongst ongoing school closures. Their diligence and perseverance were of such valor that, even among unprecedented times, she and her Providence, Rhode Island, colleagues were recipients of the 2021 Transforming Lives Award, which honors staff who have served students with the utmost professionalism and compassion.

    As Ginn Group Collaborative’s Clinical Project Manager, Jeiny utilizes her range of experience to support SMART Health and Wellness Center start-ups. She provides expertise and technical assistance during site visits, as well as remote support and training on SMART’s integrative, Whole Child approach. In addition, Jeiny serves as a liaison with SMART Medical Provider Partners, including organizational leadership and local SMART Teams, to provide consultation on interviewing, selecting, training, and mentoring SMART Clinical Teams. She prepares each team to embed within the education system and advises on SMART’s Active Access and Active Care protocols, standards, training curriculum, data collection, and evaluation standards.

    Jeiny works closely and collaboratively with Liza Cariaga-Lo, PhD, Senior Vice President of Education for GGC and SMART Foundation Officer; Christopher Conti, MD, Chief Medical Officer; Yolima Moncada, DNP, Senior Clinical Director; Mary Crang, DNP, Senior Integrative Care Advisor; and Behavioral Health Advisors Laura Hopson, PhD, and Chelsea Hill, LICSW.

    Jeiny earned her Master of Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Rhode Island.