Jose Gabriel Rodriguez, BBSM, MAMLClinical Director

    Jose has over eight years of interdisciplinary experience working with youth and families. He has served as a youth and family pastor as well as a community language facilitator. He is bilingual in Spanish and English and has spent multiple years of noteworthy volunteer service within young adult communities, homeless ministries, and on national and international mission trips, including missions in Peru, Argentina, Nicaragua, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Chile, and Guatemala. His exemplary dedication to serving and ensuring bright futures for youth and young adults is the perfect match for the mission and purpose of SMART®.

    On behalf of the SMART® National Team/GGC and location-based SMART® Clinical Teams, Jose provides expertise, curriculum development, program presentations, and non-clinical group health and wellness for SMART® Center and Clinic student populations. In addition, Jose supports and advises the GGC Team on the successful adaption of SMART®’s integrative Active Access and Active Care components to support Whole Child, Every Child, Whole School wellness and health to achieve student academic success, including education and support for students’ families, faculty, and staff.

    Jose holds a Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies and a master’s in ministry leadership from the Moody Bible Institute. He is currently completing his Master of Divinity through Southern Baptist Ministry.