Stace R. Ginn, JDChief Financial Officer and Legal Counsel

    Stacy Ginn has over 30 years of executive-level banking and finance experience, in addition to being a practicing attorney. His comprehensive background in the banking industry brings a wealth of expertise in management, budget, and finance, while his primary areas of legal practice include commercial and contract law, tax law, property law, and regulatory compliance. He is an extraordinary asset to GGC and its clients and is pleased to join his wife, Melanie, as an in-house expert on all legal, financial, and business development matters.

    “Stace,” as he is known by colleagues and friends, utilizes his expertise in negotiating, designing, and executing stakeholder agreements, contracts, site licenses, employment terms, and compliance and regulatory affairs, including HIPAA and FERPA regulations, as applicable to the SMART® Model. He is also integral in the development of public-private partnerships, the hallmark of GGC’s work.

    Stace has worked with Melanie and an external law firm to set up the SMART® Foundation, where he and Melanie have focused their professional and personal resources to preserve and strengthen SMART®’s legacy, donating the SMART® proprietary business model to the newly established SMART® Foundation—a public, 501(c)(3) organization—to protect its integrity, growth, and scalability in perpetuity.

    Stace earned his Bachelor of Arts in economics and business administration at Hanover College in Hanover, Indiana, and his Doctor of Jurisprudence from the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law. He is admitted to the Kentucky State Bar.